Why “Pantheon”?

Why Pantheon? Pantheon was a home to multiple gods back during the Roman period. Many gods under one roof. Sounds like trouble. But it wasn’t. People came far and wide to this temple to pay tribute to all the gods there. So, what does that mean for you? Well, first off, we aren’t gods here. We don’t have super powers. We can’t throw lightning down from the heavens, we can’t move the sun, and we don’t rule the underworld. But what we all are is this… We are many different, diverse individuals housed under one name, “Pantheon”. That is why, as a collective group, we have chosen this name. Because we are all together. We are united. No matter our backgrounds, no matter our beliefs, no matter what we are, we’re are united.

So why Pantheon? Why not! We offer a variety of clans to suit various skill levels and styles of play, so you can be sure that we have a place for you. With 10 different clans to choose from, you can be sure that we have a place for you. We host weekly tournaments, as well as monthly bracket tournaments, where you can showcase your skill, or even just enjoy the competitiveness of the event.

We also have a group of well versed players who can help with deck strategy and planning. Like a laugh? You’ll enjoy our global chat where you can talk with several other members from across the globe. For those of the witty and intellectual nature, we have a Riddle room hosted by our Master Riddler. For those that are particularly skillful, you can tryout for the Pantheon eSports team. These are just a few things we offer here at Pantheon.

All in all, this is a family. We would like to extend an invite to those seeking a place to call home. To feel wanted. To better yourself. To make friends. Whatever it is, we welcome you.