Pantheon eSports

Pantheon is happy to introduce its official eSports team. This team is made up of powerhouse players from multiple Pantheon clans, and will proudly represent Pantheon in friendly matches, cups, and leagues. The team is captained by Chriis, who has extensive competition team experience.

Pantheon eSports Roster (founding members):
Chriis1 (ARES)
Domintor (ARES)
Don’t Cry (ARES)
Ethan (STYX)
EvanMeds (CHRONOS)
GreenDemon (STYX)
Holy Demon (ARES)
Leo (STYX)
Othellos96 (HADES)
RainbowCupcake (STYX)
RomeoNesh (STYX)
Shov (STYX)

This list is subject to change.

Be sure to hit their friend request links (#friend-requests in Discord) so you can watch them play. We’ll keep everyone informed of their schedule.

Pantheon members are welcome to tryout for the eSports team. To be considered, you must meet the following requirements:
– 12+ Challenges Wins
– 18+ Clan Wars Wins
– 6,000+ Cards in Challenges
– 4,000+ Trophies
You must also be serious, and dedicated to the team. If interested, DM Chriis in Discord.

Note that these requirements will change. Check the eSports page for current details.