L.O.R.E. Event – Tournament Results


The multi-tournament L.O.R.E. event (an internal Pantheon-only event) results are in. The top 3 winners from each tournament are listed below. The Finale results will be added to the bottom when it takes place (about 1 month).

Date: 07/09/18 Name: Animal House
:first_place:Chriis1 – Clan: ARES
:second_place:RMartucci – Clan: ARES
:third_place:RomeoNesh – Clan: STYX

Date: 7/10/18 Name: Romeo’s Rules
:first_place: Holy Demon – Clan: ARES
:second_place: Antagon – Clan: HYPERION
:third_place: Asif – Clan: STYX

Date: 7/11/18 Name: Over and Under
:first_place:Chriis1 – Clan: ARES
:second_place:PringleMan42 – Clan: HADES
:third_place:GreenBiGG – Clan: STYX

Date: 07/17/18 Name: Frost 
:first_place:Yolero MC – Clan: ARES
:second_place:Chriis1 – Clan: ARES
:third_place:Xerox – Clan: KRATOS

ate: 08/20/18 Name: Pantheon (The Finale)

Host: Ray
:first_place:chris1 ARES
:second_place:Worlock – ARES
:third_place:speedf3 – KRATOS

Finale promo video by Holy Demon here.