Sort your own damn roles!

Managing user roles in Discord, with an organization of this size, can be a daunting task for admins. Today our wiz-bang server admin, Dr. Ray, Proctologist, has created the #get-roles channel in our Discord server. There you will be able to manage your own roles for those channels that interest you, and we can get back to more pressing admin issues, like laying around and watching TV, or baking some cookies for the #recruitment guests. Instructions are below (they’ve also been pinned in the #get-roles channel).

List of Roles for Self Assignment
  • CoCWomble – for Clash of Clans fans in #clash-of-clans
  • PUBGits – for PUBG fans in #pubg
  • fantasy football – for Fantasy Football fans in #fantasy-football
  • programmer – for the programmers and devs in #development
  • Riddler? – for those who are interested in HD’s #riddles channel
  • DJ – for the music fans in #music-room and #rock-room
  • pokemon – for the pokemon trainers in #pokemon
  • gambler – for the slots fan in #casino
  • fortnite – for the fortnite fans in #fortnite
  • runescape – for the runescape fans in #runescape
  • RDR2 – for the Red Dead Redemption 2 fans in #red-dead-redemption

Note: This list is subject to change (new channels added) and I’ll likely not update this post). Always check the pinned message in #get-roles for an up-to-date list.

To Assign Yourself a Role

#!iAm <Role-Name>

for example:
#!iAm programmer
will give you the programmer role

To Remove a Role

#!iAmNot <Role-Name>

for example:
#!iAmNot programmer
will remove the programmer role

Roles on Demand/REQUEST

For these roles, please contact an admin to have them assigned to you. You may be asked for some information to make sure.

  • NSFW – Only apply for this if you are above 18. This is to gain access to the #nsfw-chatter
  • Chick-Fil-A – Only apply for this if you are a girl. This is to gain access to the ladies room #chick-fil-a