Welcome EROS

We’re launching our 12th clan, EROS, which will be our new, and improved, training clan! We’ve set some guidelines to start but these aren’t completely set in stone just yet. This clan will be led by our one and only Emoji Guru @✧ Aᴅs ✧ and will be open to all members with 2500 or less trophies. This is a cap. All members that break the 2500 mark will be transferred to a beefier clan and deemed a promotion!! This is a good thing!

NEMESIS will now be our casual clan, led by everyone’s favorite, @✧ LɪʟRᴇᴅᴄᴏᴀᴛ ✧. For those of you who wish to remain active in game but aren’t too keen on the stress and requirements of War, this is the place for you! There will still be a requirement to provide a donation value of 50 per week but that is it. Zero war expectations other then if you choose to participate complete all collections and your final battle. Lil Ruggy mom jokes will be tolerated and encouraged.

Now, with all that being said, if you’re in NEMESIS currently and would like to transfer to one of our more War competitive clans, please get in touch with myself or another Admin and we’ll find you the perfect home! Those of you with under 2500 trophies will be asked to transfer to EROS as of now, ask any admin for the invite! Any further questions, please feel free to DM myself or any Eros/Nemesis leader!

Happy 2019 to all, except GreenBIGG.