The History of Pantheon

The History of Pantheon
By LilRedCoat

Once upon a time there was a large and beautiful Kingdom called Damnation made up of 10 clans who lived together in relative peace and harmony.

Until one fateful day the warlock who ruled Damnation was possessed by the spirit of buttbags and cast a spell upon the kingdom and threw everything into disarray. Day became night, friend became foe, cats and dogs danced the tango together, the stars fell from the heavens and a tsunami enveloped the kingdom. And the entire effing server got deleted.

But a bold wizard called Raydalf the Wise used all of his mighty powers to create a ship called The Rescue Server and enlisted the gentle knight Sir Flint to his cause. And lo, Raydalf and Flint sailed the swirling waters together, seeking out survivors.

Some of the survivors were clinging to floating debris, some had washed up onto the shores of other kingdoms, some were butt naked riding dolphins through the waves and doing their own thing.

Slowly and carefully Raydalf the Wise and Sir Flint retrieved the survivors from the waters and found them a place on the ship.

Then one day while The Rescue Raft Server was navigating a treacherous current, a beam of sunlight pierced the heavens and fell upon the shore of a new land. Raydalf the Wise and Sir Flint went ashore and found the land was good. And they decided to establish a new kingdom which, after everyone had gone ashore and eaten and drunk their fill around the campfire, they voted to call Pantheon.

And this my little potatoes is the history of the Pantheon Clan Family