Leaders Bracket

Clan leaders and COs will represent their clans in another round of the Leaders Bracket!

Your clan leaders will be fighting it out to see which group of leaders is the best…

Not only are they going to be fighting for bragging rights and to shame our fellow leaders (like Mayk did to me  ), they will be playing to make the seeding for our upcoming Cvc.
Their combined finish will determine the seeds (byes won’t get points unless they win their first match).

RULES 2/3 loser bans single elimination bracket Set up your battles in #locker-room All results must be posted in #bracket-results You have 3 days to play your first round match up good luck!

JollyCooperation – Thanatos

PrincessBubs – Helios
Nyroc – Hecate
Lydia – Hades
InedibleCarp – Apollo
Unicorns – Atlas
Flymode – Chronos
Brutus – Kratos
Infernoblizzard – Helios
Greendemon – Ares
Aaron – Kratos
Ryker – Apollo
LRC – Nemesis
Rug – Ares
Sean – Hades
Beek – Thanatos
Camnwat – Atlas

Track it here: https://challonge.com/4jrc58x8