Pantheon Gazette – AMA, LRC

This week the the Gazette staff reached out to the Pantheon community to obtain questions which would be posed to LRC (LilRedCoat) in this week’s feature, “LRC, AMA” (Ask Me Anything).

1. Do you feel satisfied with what you and your awesome admin team accomplished in Pantheon so far? If not, what would you like to do to improve the Alliance?
I am very happy with what the Admin team have accomplished to date but as we all know, any family is always a work in progress and we can always do better.
I look forward to seeing how we can expand our family into new games, getting our eSports team established and getting some Pantheon live-streams and uploads going.
Huge thanks to everyone for their posts in #suggestions that keep us aware of what you’d like to see more/less of.

2. Who’s got a better cut, Donald Trump or Boris Johnson?
Are they not the same person putting on different accents? Well I never.

3. What really got you into the game?
Boredom at work. Losing the Clan Chest for Clan Wars almost made me flip a table and quit, but thankfully I enjoy the server banter and socialising more than I enjoy the game.

4. How do you feel about JT being communist?
I’ve learned to keep him distracted with funny gifts and random pings.
Remember kids, fun activities will make communists forget that you are their enemy to be destroyed on the glorious battlefield of class warfare.

5. What does one need to do to become a board member?
All Clan Leaders are Board Members = be a clan leader.

6. What is it like being a female in cr? Is it easier to let everyone assume you’re a guy?
Dude what? bro fist How about that football game last night.

It is much, much easier to let everyone assume you’re a guy, which is why I tend to overuse Dude and Bro and Hey man a lot. I’ve learned to try to make my comments sound as if I’m packing sausage.

Being a female on Discord make the DM experience like skipping through a minefield at night. You never know when one is going to explode in your face.

I’m pretty sure all of our Chick-Fil-A members can relate to receiving unsolicited peen pics, random insults about being a slut from random people you’ve never spoken to before, the odd green card request and people wanting to fly out to meet you at your nearest airport of choice.

7. Do you think the media is biased and a bad influence to the public?
I believe that as long as the media remains run by the unbiased and just, those not afraid of chasing the truth down at any cost, people who are above reproach and unbribable, unswayable by popular opinion and focused on delivering the facts, the media can be the voice of the people, a beacon of light on a dark day.

8. Is it true you took the bribe of 1$ and a nipple pic to surrender to the rugions in the great potato war? If not, why should we join the potato rebellion vs the rugions?
I’m very sorry that the lies being told by the Rugions have spread this far. I bravely withdrew the proud and noble Potato Nation from the war as I have sadly seen how low the Rugions are willing to go to undermine, intimidate and harass the outnumbered Potato Nation. My people are too precious to me to be sent to the slaughter.

9. What is the unbanning process?
Step one: stop doing whatever it is that got you banned in the first place.
Step two: stop pretending to be a better person if your actions in other servers/game/DM’s contradict your claims that you’ve changed/matured.
Step three: DM a mod/admin to appeal your ban. Don’t send friends to do it for you, carpe diem your destiny.
Step four: prepare the cookie bribery basket.
Step five: patiently wait for the ban appeal to be discussed and then the decision communicated back to you. Don’t harass or nag for an answer.
Step six: prepare the puppy bribery basket.
Step seven: accept the ban decision. If it’s a decline, ask when you can next reach out to appeal, or what they recommend you could do to be unbanned.

10. If there is animosity with any pantheon member/leader, how would you fix it?
Lock them in a room and make them hug it out.
If the animosity is obvious, we would DM each party individually to find out what’s going on, discuss if each person could work on keeping it civil in the server/in game and so on.

We would remind the leader that regardless of who seems to be at fault, they have more pressure on them to maintain a higher standard of conduct.
We may arrange clan transfers if the two cannot work it out as adults.

11. Would you rather have 1 Flymode sized (6’4 1/2) JigglyJellow or 100 JigglyJellow sized (5’4) Flymodes??
So 1 Jiggly or 100 Flymode’s. Hmmmm. I don’t think you guys are aware of what a kickarse craftsman Flymode is. Before he was in Pantheon, the guy was assembling workshops and stuff. I would take 100 Flymode’s and create a sweatshop of cheap labour to fund my mini-dachshund’s steak and chew toy addiction.