Pantheon Gazette – Rug, AMA

This week the the Gazette staff reached out to the Pantheon community to obtain questions which would be posed to Rug in this week’s feature, “RUG, AMA” (Ask Me Anything).

  1. What’s the story behind the duck?

This story goes all the way back to the time of Damnation.  Maryland got hit with a snow storm and while I was outside shoveling my driveway, this bastard showed up out of nowhere …  He took me hostage and made demands in global for my safe return.  A box of magnums, 2 cartons of Marlboro Reds, and a yearly subscription to “Phat Duck Tails” and Rug Muncher would be returned mostly unharmed.  I was fortunate LRC and GreenDemon started a GoFundMe and raised enough money to purchase the demands.  To this day, I can’t remember how many times the duck hit me with his ring wing.  I’ve been asked about my name change many times, I’ve been in witness protection ever since and was given a new name.

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