Clan vs. Clan Season 4

Clan vs Clan (CvC) is one of our biggest events here where all our Pantheon Clash Royale clans face off in a round robin format to find out what clans will move on to be crowned the top clan in pantheon (Helios uses Ray so all their wins are tainted).

For this CvC:
– Each clan will have a team of 6
– Each clan will only be allowed to bring 3 players per match up (example  Me Soap Uni vs Brodog, DMG, Vat up only these 3 are the only ones who can play in all three round for the Match up of atlas vs Thanatos).

The format will be:

Round one
Tes Koth 3-3
– One ban prior to matches being played
– Everyone plays at once unless the match is being streamed

Round Two
-No bans
-NO MIRROR DECKS (if 5 or more cards are the same that team will automatically lose that match)

Round Three
if needed
Must be the player who didn’t play in the 2v2 set!!
– Each player will pick a card their opponent must build a deck around!!
– Bo3 1v1
– No bans

CvC will be starting on August 3rd so the deadline for rosters is July 31st that means you NYROC

If you dont make your clans team, Dont worry there still might be a hope for you yet!

Some clans have issues filling all 6 slots so with your clan leader’s and the leader of the other clans approval you can help and fill their unfilled slots!

To sign up please dm your clan leader and they sort who can represent you and your clan!!

Best of luck to everyone!