August Events

First off we’ll teach you clowns how to count in KAREN SCHOOL OF COUNTING (JT counting 101). In this event you’ll have to use one of each elixir cost in your deck, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and so on.

Next up we have Rug wanting to share the FUN deck he had to use during a season due to a “deck bet”. So grab your fishermen and your ebarbs, and line up at his door.

Third we have Against the Meta where you use cards that have the lowest win rates (ebarbs don’t count, they are the highest win rate card ).

The final event
The quad drag attack In this event you must use Baby dragon, Inferno Dragon, skeleton dragons, and electro dragon. You get to choose the rest of your deck. Only thing is you can’t use spells, all troops and buildings, since we all know real men done use spells.

AND FINALLY WE HAVE CIVIL WAR 2.0 (or as u clowns call it CvC) where Kratos tries to defend their title against all 13 other CR clans.