1st Minecraft Event


Hey @everyone! We will be hosting our first event on the Pantheon Minecraft Server this Saturday!!

Everyone who signs up will attempt to stay on an elevated circle of bedrock while various bumps are added along the way. The last person standing wins a month of Discord Nitro Classic!

Want to knock @[iAM] Jerry| ᴀɴ |❪❱❱❯ off and make him add you to his list? Or team up with @JT (TGNH) | ᴄʜ |❪❱❱❱❯, only to be betrayed by him and @✧ jt ✧ The Gamemaster? Then be sure to sign-up by DMing me, @Jay| ᴏᴅ |❪❱❱❱❯, before the event starts!

The Details:
Saturday, January 16th @ 9pm CST
Everyone starts in the circle with no items
Your goal is to knock other players out of the circle
If you fall out of the circle you lose
Everything else goes.

If you have the Java version of Minecraft and want to join the server, check out #mc-rules for more info. If you want to watch the event, we will be streaming at https://www.twitch.tv/pantheonfamily