APOLLO Clan Stats

Members47 / 50
LocationUnited States
Clan Trophies53227
War TypeConstant
War Trophies4152

Requirements to Join APOLLO

  • War Day Wins: 35+
  • Trophies: 5,000+ PB
  • Card Levels: 7% L | 25% G | 60% S
  • Discord: Preferred
  • War Participation: Encouraged but not required
  • War Deck Practice: Encouraged but not required

APOLLO is a clan for those players who are new to war and to help get better in ladder. War will be required at least 2 times per week. When participating in war, it is vital to complete all collection battles and finishing your final battle during war day. Your goal while in Apollo should be to improve as a player. Communicating via Discord is vital as it is easier to communicate with fellow clan members, leaders and the other members that are on there. And to take advantage of the many channels that Pantheon offers.

Requirements to Stay in APOLLO

  • Donate 50 cards per week
  • Participate in at least 2 wars/wk
  • One final battles missed = warning
  • Three final battles missed = removal
  • Push ladder (try to improve on personal best every season)
  • Communicate
  • Have fun

Remember, we are a team. We are here to help you and encourage you.