Artwork by Genzoman

ARES Clan Stats

Members48 / 50
LocationNorth America
Clan Trophies54266
War TypeConstant
War Trophies3210

Requirements to Join ARES

  • War Day Wins: 75+
  • Trophies: 5,600+ PB
  • Card Levels: 10% M | 25% L | 75% G
  • Discord: Strongly Recommended
  • War Participation: 70% Participation Required
  • Fame Required: 350/day river, 1,000/wk colosseum

ARES is a war clan. As such, you must actively and regularly participate in Clan Wars (50% minimum). ARES runs back-to-back wars (very shortly after one ends, the next one begins).

Requirements to Stay in ARES

  • Donate 150 cards per week
  • Participate in at least 50% of wars
  • Two final battles missed = removal
  • War deck practice is strongly recommended
  • Maintain at least a 40% war win rate

Douchebaggery will not be tolerated. This goes for all Pantheon clans, including the Pantheon Discord server. If your mean and nasty, or bring about drama and negativity, you will be promptly removed. We’re a friendly group that enjoys a friendly environment, and that simply will not be disrupted. But, be warned, there is a lot of banter and ball-busting that goes on. It’s all friendly, and all in good fun, but if you’re easily offended, we might not be an ideal fit for you. ARES is an adult clan and we very much prefer adult members (18+).

You really should to be present in the Pantheon Discord server. As well, info for tournaments, events, and programs is only available in Discord.