ATLAS Clan Stats

Tag #8YLY2RV2
Members / 50
LocationWe have a Problem with JSON here:
Either we got no JSON from the API. Or the basenode-parameter is not ok.
Switch on the Debugmode of the Plugin!
Switch to gutenberg-Blocks!
There the JSON Content Importer Block gives an easier way to use the JSON-APIs.
Or: Switch on the Debugmode by adding "debugmode=10" in the Shortcode.

If all is without success: Open ticket at please

Clan Trophies
War TypeConstant
War Trophies

Requirements to Join ATLAS

  • War Day Wins: 33+
  • Trophies: 5,300+ PB
  • Card Levels: 9% M | 25% L | 65% G | 95% S
  • Discord: Preferred
  • War Participation: Required

ATLAS is a constant war clan, we would prefer that you be able to compete in war with your fellow clanmates when able (don’t feel pressured to compete in every war). Since this is a team oriented game mode, we ask that you put forth effort.

Requirements to Stay in ATLAS

  • Donations not required, but encouraged.

We have a fun and respectful environment in ATLAS. Just contribute and be active. Discord is not required, but is highly encouraged. No one will be penalized for losses. Have fun, make fun of Cam any chance you get, and keep your panties on.