1st Minecraft Event


Hey @everyone! We will be hosting our first event on the Pantheon Minecraft Server this Saturday!!

Everyone who signs up will attempt to stay on an elevated circle of bedrock while various bumps are added along the way. The last person standing wins a month of Discord Nitro Classic!

Want to knock @[iAM] Jerry| ᴀɴ |❪❱❱❯ off and make him add you to his list? Or team up with @JT (TGNH) | ᴄʜ |❪❱❱❱❯, only to be betrayed by him and @✧ jt ✧ The Gamemaster? Then be sure to sign-up by DMing me, @Jay| ᴏᴅ |❪❱❱❱❯, before the event starts!

The Details:
Saturday, January 16th @ 9pm CST
Everyone starts in the circle with no items
Your goal is to knock other players out of the circle
If you fall out of the circle you lose
Everything else goes.

If you have the Java version of Minecraft and want to join the server, check out #mc-rules for more info. If you want to watch the event, we will be streaming at https://www.twitch.tv/pantheonfamily


3rd CODM Clan Added – Crius

We have now opened our new CODM clan Crius and will be led by @Dodge| ᴛʜ |❪❱❱❱❯. If you’re interested in joining then please dm annoy @Dodge| ᴛʜ |❪❱❱❱❯ or @Jay| ᴏᴅ |❪❱❱❱❯


Pantheon Minecraft Server

The Family Game Night Team is proud to announce Pantheon’s very own Minecraft server! It is open to all Pantheon discord members and it’s up and running now!

If you are interested you have a few things to do:
– Read all of the server rules in #mc-rules
– Be sure to have Java version
– DM one of the following people to register:
@✧ jt ✧ The Gamemaster
@JT The Game Night Host| ᴄʜ |❪❱❱❯
@Logic| ᴀᴘ |❪❱❱❱❯ ☃
@[iAM] Jerry| ᴀɴ |❪❱❱❯
@Jay| ᴏᴅ |❪❱❱❯

@everyone be sure to get the @Family Game Night in #get-roles to participate in Minecraft events and other fun games we put together!

2nd CODM Clan Added – Enyo

As the first CODM clan has filled and there was a waiting list, we’ve added a second, Enyo. If you’d like to join dm @✧ Unicorns ✧ or @Tridle| ʜʏ |❪❱❱❯

Clan vs Clan Season 4 Winners

One and a half months after the first match was played, the fourth season of CvC is complete.

Firstly, the individual player award. Each player’s wins and crowns were counted by myself with the help of a couple of your referees, and after all the games with complete, the player performance award and emoji is awarded to @Chuckk| ʜʏ |❪❯🥉🤴 , with a record of 13 wins and 20 crowns! Runners up were AidanGumball, War404 and SpicyNachos.

Secondly, at the start of CvC you may remember that quite a few of you selected 4 players who you thought would get the most wins and crowns, and again, after counting the wins and crowns of all the players and adding them onto your fantasy scores appropriately, the two joint winners with 36 wins and 50 crowns (the team being Aidan, Spicy, Vats, Angels) for the fantasy award, being awarded the emote, are @Patospitas| ʜʏ |❪❱❱❯🦄 and @Edshgar| ᴀᴍ |❪❱❯🦄. Runners up were Tridle and Jansher.

Thirdly and finally, the final CvC clan standings: @Hyperion Member were your 3rd place finishers, with all team players being awarded a emote to commend this achievement. @Helios Member were your 2nd place finishers, with all of their players being awarded a emote. Your CvC champions this season, with the players being awarded a emote, are none other than @Artemis Member. Congratulations to Artemis for winning this season, and well played to all of those that participated.

I’d like to end with a thank you. Thank you to all of the players that participated, all of the cheerleaders that supported their teams. Thank you to all the @STREAM BOATS for streaming almost every single match this CvC, keeping us all entertained with your commentary and occasional not so much commentary conversations – we loved it all. Thank you to the @zebra patrol squad for keeping everything in check and reporting the scores to me where applicable, you guys did a much better job at reffing than I did . Thank you to all of the @CVC Captains for getting your matches organised in time for us to be able to get them streamed and getting your players to matches without complaining. Thank you to everyone in the events team for keeping everything together as you do for every event there has been in recent times. A massive thanks to all of you for being involved and bearing with me over what has been a brilliant month and a half, it is thanks to you all that what has happened was possible.

I hope you enjoyed this CvC @everyone , thank you all for being a part of it.

Top Clan Ranking:
1st – A R T E M I S
2nd – H E L I O S
3rd – H Y P E R I O N
4th – P O S E I D O N

Top Player Ranking:
1st – Chuckk – H Y P E R I O N – 13 wins (20 crowns)
2nd – AidanGumball – H Y P E R I O N – 13 wins (18 crowns)
3rd – War404 – H E L I O S – 12 wins (14 crowns)
3rd – SpicyNachos – C H R O N O S – 12 wins (14 crowns)

Event Challonge link

More details in #cvc-match-announcments (Discord)


A Game of Mafia

Attention slackjaws!! For the first time ever we are going to attempt something with a slightly different flavor here at Pantheon! The idea is a game of mafia (some of you may know it as werewolf) played in the voice channel with your fellow Pantheonites! There will be no clash royale played for this event. We have scheduled this game for Saturday August 8th at 3:00 PM EST. Please only sign up if you can be on voice and available at that exact time for at least an hour @✧ Marshmallow ✧ will moderate the inaugural game with his sultry British accent. Please DM either Marsh or @✧ JT ✧ to sign up or with any other event related questions! We are only taking the first 15 players!