CvC Update – ARES vs STYX

Possibly the most anticipated match-up in the Pantheon “Clan vs Clan” event is ARES vs STYX. The first meeting of our top two Legendary League clan teams was today, and it was an outstanding match! These players are some of the best in all of Pantheon, and they did not disappoint. While ARES brought home the win, it was certainly not an easy task, at all. It came down to the very end and was indeed a nail-biter. Really, it was anybody’s game. Well played, everyone! GGs!

We managed to, at the last minute, get our poop in a group and stream the event on Twitch (link below). A huge thanks goes out to Art3mis and Corbel for casting. We’re going to see if we can perhaps do the same for the remaining matches, at least some. We do have a few kinks to work out, so the next ones should be a bit better.

Also, a big thanks goes out to Hog Rider for stepping in as today’s referee on a moment’s notice. Much appreciated!

You can watch the ARES vs STYX match here:

You can track the CvC event here:

We have our first eSports Champion

We recently had our first Pantheon eSports members-only bracket tournament, “Pantheon’s Finest“, where our top Pantheon eSports players battled it out for the title of “Pantheon eSports Champion”. It came down to Chriis from ARES and Leo from STYX, and Leo came home with the win. Congrats Leo! Well played, both of you! We’ll do it again soon.


Video of the DECIDING match