Christmas Catastrophe

The Pantheon Events Team Presents….


This event will run similar to how turkey tragedy did in terms of concept, but with some significant changes, such as:

– This is a 2v2 event, you find a partner, then you join the team that you would like based on your average pb. There are no captains, so do not wait to be recruited.
– There are 4 teams. The team with the last pair of players left wins.
– Each team has cards assigned to them. In a match, each player must use 4 of the assigned cards to their team, and the other 4 cards cannot be any of the cards assigned to any team.
– Each team has a max pb for the pairs joining, so the team with the not so good collection of cards gets better pairs.

The teams, and their cards and max pbs, are as follows:

Ice team (max joint pb 5.9k):
– Ice Spirit
– Ice Golem
– Ice Wizard
– Giant Snowball
– Freeze

Fire team (max joint pb 5.8k):
– Fire Spirits
– Fireball
– Furnace
– Baby Dragon
– Wizard
– Lava Hound
– Princess

Goblin team (max joint pb 5.7k):
– Goblins
– Spear Goblins
– Goblin Gang
– Goblin Barrell
– Goblin Hut
– Goblin Giant
– Goblin Cage
– Dart Goblin
– Rocket

Skeleton team (max joint pb 5.7k):
– Skeletons
– Skeleton Army
– Guards
– Tombstone
– Bomber
– Bomb Tower
– Giant Skeleton
– Balloon
– Witch
– Graveyard
– Skeleton Barrell

If at any point a team is full and you want to join it, we will direct you to possible alternatives.

Matches work just like they did in Turkey Tragedy: challenge anyone you want, to any conditions, so long as it’s 2v2 and the card rules are as such. You must play in 2 days if challenged, otherwise the opponent gets a win over you and you’re out.

Please DM @Mᴀʀsʜᴍᴀʟʟᴏᴡ| ᴋʀ |❪❱❱❯ or @JT ᴛʜᴇ 6ᴋ Mᴏɴsᴛᴇʀ| ʜʀ |❪❱❱❯ if you would like to join.

If you’re looking for a partner, visit the #2v2-tinder-personals channel in our Discord.

Winner gets a :christmas_tree: emote by their name.

Merry Clashmas!

Turkey Tragedy


Two team captains, Cam and Marshmallow, will have 3 days to recruit and accept players to their team of 20, spend 3 days recruiting as many people as they can to their armies. There is a cap at 20 people.(counting themselves)
These people are recorded in a list, specifying which list is whos, and making this list available to see to everyone in the event.

The concept is simple – one person from one side challenges one person from the other side to a 1v1, or even two people challenge two from the other side to a 2v2. The conditions for the match is whatever they agree to, it doesn’t matter what they are, the only thing that does matter is that whoever loses is out, and their name(s) are removed from that armies list. If a player does not respond in 2 days, they are automatically removed from the list.

As soon as one side has loses all 20 players the winning team will be given :turkey: emotes in their names

individual players can do only one challenge a day
captains have 3 lives

Teams are:
@Camberry Sauce

Pick a side :eyes: and good luck

Dm @✧ CᴀᴍNᴡᴀᴛ ✧ or @Mᴀʀsʜᴍᴀʟʟᴏᴡ| ᴋʀ |❪❱❱❯ if u want to join their side

Update 11/21/19

The teams are set!! We will assign the team roles,then we we inform everyone when they can start tomorrow…. best of luck to everyone
@Camberry Sauce
1. Camnwat
3. Azrael
4. Megalodon
5. Sean
6. Soap
7. Unicorn
8. ManaMango
9. Brutus
10. Deadpool
11. Dr.jam
12. Storm (nemesis)
13. Kull
14. Jackson storm
15. Tehflamingkinggaming
16. Nyroc
17. Mayk
18. Wizco
19. Greendemon
20. Seemant


1. Marshmallow
2. Angels
3. Gamechanger
4. Aaron
5. Shadow M2
6. VK
7. JT
8. Flymode
9. Fire Fates
10. Timbo
11. Kira
12. Rug
13. Daddy Cool
14. Jlz
15. InedibleCarp
16. Galahad
17. Jason
18. Teddy Rogers
19. Infernoblizzard
20. Irish

Update 11/22/19

@Marsh’s MAYFLOWERS Vs @Camberry Sauce Can begin now challenge other team as you wish.

here is the rules for this event

Set up whatever sort of match you want, the rules are anything you agree to.

Captains have 3 lives – they must be defeated by 3 different people, unless they are the only person left, in which case they go down to one life.

For members – if you lose once, you’re out.
Post all results in #bracket-results And set up all matches in #locker-room
Tag @Mᴀʀsʜᴍᴀʟʟᴏᴡ| ᴋʀ |❪❱❱❯ or @✧ CᴀᴍNᴡᴀᴛ ✧ when you post the results.

Players who are out cannot eliminate members who are still in.

When one person proposes a challenge, the other person does not necessarily have to agree. You can negotiate terms over the conditions, so long as eventually both players agree. A player can refuse a challenge.
A player has to play someone within reasonable amount of time (2 days), if not they’ll be eliminated.


Leaders Bracket

Clan leaders and COs will represent their clans in another round of the Leaders Bracket!

Your clan leaders will be fighting it out to see which group of leaders is the best…

Not only are they going to be fighting for bragging rights and to shame our fellow leaders (like Mayk did to me  ), they will be playing to make the seeding for our upcoming Cvc.
Their combined finish will determine the seeds (byes won’t get points unless they win their first match).

RULES 2/3 loser bans single elimination bracket Set up your battles in #locker-room All results must be posted in #bracket-results You have 3 days to play your first round match up good luck!

JollyCooperation – Thanatos

PrincessBubs – Helios
Nyroc – Hecate
Lydia – Hades
InedibleCarp – Apollo
Unicorns – Atlas
Flymode – Chronos
Brutus – Kratos
Infernoblizzard – Helios
Greendemon – Ares
Aaron – Kratos
Ryker – Apollo
LRC – Nemesis
Rug – Ares
Sean – Hades
Beek – Thanatos
Camnwat – Atlas

Track it here:


iCarp’s Mountain Wars

Hey Pantheonites! Today I present to you iCarp’s Mountain Wars!


  • This event will be KOTH style play
  • First 32 players to sign up get to participate
  • Players will be put into teams of 4 for a total of 8 teams using a random team generating bot
  • Single Elimination Bracket Tournament
  • Each team gets to ban 2 cards before the start of their match, for the whole match
  • The order/lineup of players in each team must be declared before the match
  • 1v1 battle occurs between the first players of each team
  • Winner stays on and the loser player is eliminated, the second player comes on for that that team; this continues until a team has all four players eliminatedTo enter please DM @IɴᴇᴅɪʙʟᴇCᴀʀᴘ| ᴍᴇ |❪❱❱❱❯ or @✧ CᴀᴍNᴡᴀᴛ ✧

Good luck @everyone

Track it here:


Marshmallow Meltdown

  • When the tournament begins, each person will be given 2 marshmallows.
  • As soon as the tournament begins, players with marshmallows can bet the same amount of marshmallows on a match, on conditions that they decide (e.g. bo3 with bans, or just 1 match) – agree to this on discord, and possibly screenshot for proof so if you need evidence afterwards, you have it. Once a player has collected a certain amount of marshmallows, they have qualified for the Final 4 knockout tournament, and likewise, if a player runs out, they are out of the tournament.
  • Players for the knockout tournament are seeded on the order they qualified (first person to qualify is ranked 1).
  • Once there are 4 in the knockout tournament begins. This is a simple Knockout tournament, bo5 with bans.
  • The person that wins the knockout tournament is the champion!

To to enter this tournament, or if you have any questions, please DM @Mᴀʀsʜᴍᴀʟʟᴏᴡ| ᴍᴇ |❪❱❱❯ or @✧ CᴀᴍNᴡᴀᴛ ✧

Good luck! :tada:

Showdown Winners

Congratulations go our two winners of the Royale Solo Showdown event: @Uɴᴍᴏʀᴛᴀʟ| ʏx |❪❱❱❯ won the 5k+ bracket, and @Sᴜʀᴏsʜʀɪ| ɴᴇ |❪❯ won the under 5000 bracket. Well played!

Everyone else, thank you for playing! We hope you join us in the next event, which we’ll be announcing in the next day or two, So keep practicing!


Pantheon warring together

To see if we could get our clans in the same war, a handful of our legendary clans started war at the exact same time, and applied a cap of 30 war participants. ARES, KRATOS, and STYX got matched up together. There was no shortage of smack talk and the competition was fierce. It was great fun and we’ll likely make a weekly thing of it.

The Royale Solo Showdown

The Pantheon Events Team Presents: The Royale Solo Showdown!!!

To all you pancake lovers and haters, it’s time for another bracket tourney that everyone can get involved in. We’re doing two 1v1 brackets, one for players with a pb under 4999, and the other for those over 5k. Each bracket will have 16 spaces available. First come first serve. If you don’t manage to get a spot in this event, do not worry, there are many more to come! Sign ups are open now! To sign up please DM myself or Angels, and we will confirm once you are in the list!

A few simple rules of the duel:

  • Absolutely no alt or mini accounts
  • Personal bests lock in once your officially on the list as signed up. Once we confirm that you are in the bracket, you can push on in your ladder journey.
  • You will have 4 days to complete your match for that round. Try to schedule ASAP to avoid missing the deadline. If you can’t commit within that timeframe, please don’t sign up.
  • Matchups are best of 3, with loser bans.
  • Any discrepancies should be brought to mine or Angels attention with screen shots.
  • This bracket will require you and your opponent move into the same clan, that clan will be announced once sign ups are complete.
  • Once you finish a match, post the results in #bracket-results and tag @Tᴇᴊᴀᴢᴠ| ᴘᴏ |❪❱❱❯ or @✧ Rᴜɢ ✧ who will be updating the online bracket.
  • Must be a Pantheon discord user.

We want to make sure everything crystal clear! If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to DM @Nʏʀᴏᴄ| ʜᴄ |❪❱❱❱❯ or @Aɴɢᴇʟs| ᴘᴏ |❪❱❱❯