Pantheon Gazette – JT Times

JT P.I. & Consulting INC.
Logic the Waffle master.

Opening Statement:

Ladies and Gentlemen, fellow Pantheonites, members of high society and cultural standing: We have some unfortunate news to bring to your attention. We received some tips that the Hecate leader Logic may not be what he seems. Being the noble investigators that we are, we head to the bottom of this.

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A Tale of Pants

It was a bright & beautiful day, happiness in the air, birds singing and the Ares boys reading The Sisterhood of Travelling Pants in their weekly book club meeting. Then everything changed, when Rug found a pair of magical pants that mysteriously fit, despite their fat asses different sizes. 

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Pantheon Gazette – The curse of Ray

Just for a little fun, a handful of some of the creative folks in Pantheon decided to start a sort of publication, which has been dubbed the Pantheon Gazette.  I figured I’d share their most recent work, “The curse of Ray: myth or real”.

For those not in Pantheon, a little backstory… it is believed that if Ray spectates your game, you losing the match is a certainty. Hence, “The curse of Ray”.

The Curse of Ray: Myth or Real

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