Discord, our primary communications tool, acts as the hub of the family, and has over 1,000 members. If you do not have Discord, you can download it here. If you already have Discord, you can join our server here, or by clicking the “Connect” button.

All clans are closed/invite only and you’ll have to go through recruitment in our Discord to gain access.

When you join you will be placed in the #recruitment channel, with very limited access to the rest of the server. Once you join a clan, the rest of the server will be opened up to you.

Upon joining you’ll be asked to provide your CR player tag or post a screenshot of your profile, showing your in-game name and tag. We ask for this so we can evaluate card levels and war performance, to make sure we place you in a clan where you will be successful.

If you need any help, feel free to reach out to any server admin (they will have stars on both sides of their user name) and they’ll get you taken care of.

List of Discord bots we use:
BastionDank Memer
Deck ShopHime
TatsumakiSwifty’s Report Card

Leadership Contacts:

Executive Board:
  • Flint – Recruiting, Webmaster, ARES Leader
  • LilRedCoat – Marketing, PR, NEMESIS Leader
  • Ray – Discord Server Admin, CHRONOS Leader

You can email the Exec Board at:

Board Members/Admins:
  • Aaron – KRATOS Leader
  • ADS – EROS Leader
  • Archer Zhivago – HELIOS Leader (RIP)
  • CamNwat – ATLAS Leader
  • Corbel – ARES Co-Leader
  • Drago – ARES Co-Leader
  • Hog Rider – HELIOS Leader
  • Jusint – CHRONOS Leader
  • Lolopozzz – HYPERION Co-Leader
  • Lydia – Recruiting, HADES Leader
  • Mayk – HYPERION Leader
  • Nyroc – HECATE Leader
  • PrincessBubs – HELIOS Leader
  • Rug – Tourney Mgr, ARES Leader
  • Ryker – Recruiting, ARES Co-Leader
  • VK – ARTEMIS Leader