HADES Clan Stats

Tag #90GCRGY2
Members50 / 50
Clan Trophies55765
War TypeSomewhat Casual
War Trophies3060

Requirements to Join HADES

  • War Day Wins: 0
  • Trophies: 5,000+ PB
  • Card Levels: 15% L | 45% G
  • Discord: Preferred
  • War Participation: 60% Required
  • War Deck Practice: Required

HADES is a constant war clan and require you to participate in 60% of wars. We are continually growing in trophies and getting stronger. Joining the Pantheon Discord server is not required, but highly suggested, as we do most of our communication through Discord.

Requirements to Stay in HADES

  • Donations not required, but encouraged
  • 10 missed wars = removal
  • One final battle missed = warning
  • Two final battles missed = removal
  • War deck practice is required

Failure to complete your final battle attack three (3) times will result in removal. Disrespect towards any member of any of the Pantheon clans, or the clan family as a whole, will not be tolerated, and will result in a kick/ban from Pantheon.