HECATE Clan Stats

Members50 / 50
LocationNorth America
Clan Trophies53600
War TypeCasual
War Trophies3140

Requirements to Join HECATE

  • War Day Wins: 15+
  • Trophies: 5,000+ PB
  • Card Levels: 5%L | 15% G
  • Discord: Strongly Recommended
  • War Participation: Recommended

HECATE is a casual war clan. As such, it is recommended you regularly participate in Clan Wars, but it is not required.

Requirements to Stay in HECATE

  • Donate 150 cards per week

If you are going to be away, and can’t participate, you’ll need to notify a leader ahead of time. Discord is preferred for communication but not mandatory. However, our server grants you access to deck and strategy advice from all our family clans and alliance tournament details, so it is beneficial for you to have.