HELIOS Clan Stats (NEW Clan)

Tag #P89CP0QQ
Members44 / 50
LocationNorth America
Clan Trophies58088
War TypeCasual

Requirements to Join HELIOS

  • War Day Wins: 15
  • Trophies: 5,600+
  • Card Levels: 5% L | 20% G
  • Discord: Preferred
  • War Participation: Required
  • Fame Required: 350/day

HELIOS is a stepping stone for graduates of the NEMESIS and EROS clans; a place to hone a player’s skills and cards for a future spot in our higher clans. War is required. Discord is preferred for better communication, as well as a ton of key features and people at your fingertips to help further you on your journey.

Requirements to Stay in HELIOS

  • Donations not required, but encouraged

HELIOS uses a 3 strike system similar to other clans in the family. Missing 3 wars results in removal.