Pantheon eSports

The Pantheon eSports team is made up of very competitive powerhouse players who proudly represents Pantheon in friendly matches, as well as competitive cups, and leagues.

Pantheon eSports Roster:

1AngelsPantheonCaptain, Manager, Player
2GalahadPantheonManager, Player
3Fire FatesPantheonManager, Player
7Game ChangerPantheonPlayer
9Dragon SlayerPantheonPlayer
12Dhim13Pantheon (B)Player
13KiraPantheon (B)Player
14PogFishPantheon (B)Player
15TablePantheon (B)Player
16Pizza ChefPantheon (B)Player

To watch the team play, be sure to add them as friends. You can find links to their Clash Royale friend requests in #friend-requests on the Pantheon Discord server.

Players are welcome to tryout for the eSports teams, if you have one of the following:

– 15+ Challenge Wins
– 10 CC Badge
– 2 Grand Challenge Wins
– 6,600+ Trophies (PB)

You must serious, dedicated to the team, and ready to commit. Discord is also required. If interested, DM @Angels.