A Game of Mafia

Attention slackjaws!! For the first time ever we are going to attempt something with a slightly different flavor here at Pantheon! The idea is a game of mafia (some of you may know it as werewolf) played in the voice channel with your fellow Pantheonites! There will be no clash royale played for this event. We have scheduled this game for Saturday August 8th at 3:00 PM EST. Please only sign up if you can be on voice and available at that exact time for at least an hour @✧ Marshmallow ✧ will moderate the inaugural game with his sultry British accent. Please DM either Marsh or @✧ JT ✧ to sign up or with any other event related questions! We are only taking the first 15 players!


August Events

First off we’ll teach you clowns how to count in KAREN SCHOOL OF COUNTING (JT counting 101). In this event you’ll have to use one of each elixir cost in your deck, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and so on.

Next up we have Rug wanting to share the FUN deck he had to use during a season due to a “deck bet”. So grab your fishermen and your ebarbs, and line up at his door.

Third we have Against the Meta where you use cards that have the lowest win rates (ebarbs don’t count, they are the highest win rate card ).

The final event
The quad drag attack In this event you must use Baby dragon, Inferno Dragon, skeleton dragons, and electro dragon. You get to choose the rest of your deck. Only thing is you can’t use spells, all troops and buildings, since we all know real men done use spells.

AND FINALLY WE HAVE CIVIL WAR 2.0 (or as u clowns call it CvC) where Kratos tries to defend their title against all 13 other CR clans.


July Events

Grab your hot dogs slathered with ketchup, your ice cold (insert age appropriate drink here), and your devices to play in these events!! nerds, be careful the sun is bright when you step out of mommy’s basement

The Sonic event you gotta go fast or else you’ll miss it!

The Melee Troops event, cause who doesn’t like to melee their fist through a wall every now and then??

The Giants of Pantheon event imagine body shaming in 2020.. oh wait rug body shamed me the other day grab the big boys and watch as they slowly make their way to the tower..

The Bombs aRe Us event, nuff said.

Lastly, the month long event will be JT’s Red Rover lowkey gonna send the annoying people to the other team

@✧ Eᴅɪᴛᴏʀ ɪɴ Cʜɪᴇғ ✧ and @Hᴇᴀᴅ Wʀɪᴛᴇʀ| ᴀɴ |❪❱❱❯ out.

Clan vs. Clan Season 4

Clan vs Clan (CvC) is one of our biggest events here where all our Pantheon Clash Royale clans face off in a round robin format to find out what clans will move on to be crowned the top clan in pantheon (Helios uses Ray so all their wins are tainted).

For this CvC:
– Each clan will have a team of 6
– Each clan will only be allowed to bring 3 players per match up (example  Me Soap Uni vs Brodog, DMG, Vat up only these 3 are the only ones who can play in all three round for the Match up of atlas vs Thanatos).

The format will be:

Round one
Tes Koth 3-3
– One ban prior to matches being played
– Everyone plays at once unless the match is being streamed

Round Two
-No bans
-NO MIRROR DECKS (if 5 or more cards are the same that team will automatically lose that match)

Round Three
if needed
Must be the player who didn’t play in the 2v2 set!!
– Each player will pick a card their opponent must build a deck around!!
– Bo3 1v1
– No bans

CvC will be starting on August 3rd so the deadline for rosters is July 31st that means you NYROC

If you dont make your clans team, Dont worry there still might be a hope for you yet!

Some clans have issues filling all 6 slots so with your clan leader’s and the leader of the other clans approval you can help and fill their unfilled slots!

To sign up please dm your clan leader and they sort who can represent you and your clan!!

Best of luck to everyone!


Best In Pantheon 2020

It’s time to start a new war and CROWN A NEW CHAMPION!

Your events team presents BEST IN PANTHEON! Our last champion was @✧ Cʜʀɪɪs1 ✧ △🏆 but he’s old and washed up now, so we need to find a new best player in Pantheon and EVERYONE IS INVITED

No guest allowed    

Loser bans
Single elimination bracket
All cards are legal

TO SIGN UP DM @✧ AɴᴏɴʏᴍᴏᴜsCᴀᴍ ✧

Sign ups end Sunday at noon est

Track it here: https://challonge.com/ei25uvwr


Pantheon Gazette – JT Times

JT P.I. & Consulting INC.
Logic the Waffle master.

Opening Statement:

Ladies and Gentlemen, fellow Pantheonites, members of high society and cultural standing: We have some unfortunate news to bring to your attention. We received some tips that the Hecate leader Logic may not be what he seems. Being the noble investigators that we are, we head to the bottom of this.

Continue reading…