We’re delighted to announce the launch of our newest clan, POSEIDON. This addition brings us to 9 clans. This will be our primary recruiting focus for the next week or so. This clan will be lead, at least initially, by LilRedCoat.

Mad props to genzoman for this seriously wicked artwork!

Pantheon is Born

Everything is going to be fine.

Unfortunately a rash and selfish decision was made yesterday, based on emotion, and Damnation was deleted (Discord). I can assure you that this will not happen again. Too many people have put far too much work in to this for it to just fade away. This is a tight and strong community that will absolutely continue. Give us a day or so to get the server in a reasonable state. Marked improvement will be made over the next few hours.

We’ll now be operated by a board; there will be no unilateral decisions or actions.

From the rubble of Damnation, the Pantheon Family is born.

– Flint