Recruitment Guidlines

Pantheon marketing (recruitment) efforts and resources are expended and specifically intended to benefit Pantheon as a whole (all clans). These guidelines define how new recruits are to be distributed, in a unbiased manner. Resources of the organization are not to be used to benefit any one clan.

Note that, at times, the board will designate “Recruitment Priority” clans (typically those with notably low headcount). These will be listed at the top of this channel, and be pinned. They will be arranged by trophy requirement. Clans assigned priority will always be the primary focus of recruiting.

When a member joins, collect the following information:
1) Trophy count
2) War day wins (WDW)
3) Additional details (covered below)

Trophy count and WDW requirements are detailed in the #clan-requirements channel, as well as the individual clan pages on the website (e.g. The website offers more details about the individual clans, and recruiters should familiarize themselves with each.

With trophy and WDW details, the recruiter will be able to narrow down the possible clans that are a fit. The clan with the lowest headcount is where the recruiter will place the recruit.

“Additional Details” (above) – These can take priority. We of course want to keep friends and family members together. If a recruit has a relationship with an existing member in a particular clan, they should be placed in that clan. However, if requirements are considerably out of line (lower), the clan leader will need to approve.

There may be an instance where a recruit requests a specific clan. In this case, they can, if they meet the requirements for the clan, be placed in that clan. Under no circumstances should any Pantheon Family member DM the prospective recruit and attempt to sway their decision to request a particular clan.

Failure to follow these guidelines will result in removal from the #recruitment channel. In the case of a Pantheon Admin, the only way to enforce this is to remove Admin privileges.

If you intend to participate in recruiting, check the box below to confirm you agree to the rules laid out here.