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STYX Clan Stats

Tag #9Y20CQ9Y
Members / 50
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Switch on the Debugmode of the Plugin!
Switch to gutenberg-Blocks!
There the JSON Content Importer Block gives an easier way to use the JSON-APIs.
Or: Switch on the Debugmode by adding "debugmode=10" in the Shortcode.

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Clan Trophies
War TypeConstant
War Trophies

Requirements to Join STYX

  • War Day Wins: 80+
  • Trophies: 5,500+ PB
  • King Tower Level: 12+
  • Challenge Wins: 13
  • Card Levels: 15% L | 40% G | 75% S
  • Discord: Strongly Recommended
  • War Participation: 40% participation required
  • War Deck Practice: Mandatory

STYX is a full-on, 24/7 war clan! As such, you must actively and regularly participate in Clan Wars. STYX runs back-to-back wars (very shortly after one ends, the next one begins). If you are not prepared to commit to this level of participation, we can place you in another Pantheon family clan that has lesser requirements.

Requirements to Stay in STYX

  • Donate 150 cards per week
  • Three wars missed without notice = removal
  • Two final battles missed = removal
  • Three final battle loses = one war suspension
  • War deck practice is required

ONLY participate in war if you think you can complete ALL of your collections and war day battles. If you’re busy or don’t have time to practice then please don’t play. We’re fine with war breaks but not a long one! Don’t be a dick! We are family here so treat each other with respect and no BMs (bad manners, emote spam)! If you are are going to be away, then please inform me or one of the co-leaders via chat or discord (#styx). Just tag me and give me the duration of how long you will be gone. Those who lose 3 final war day in a row, will have to take a break/skip the following war.