Tag #9UG80GY8
Members46 / 50
LocationNorth America
Clan Trophies44129
War TypeConstant
War Trophies15557 (New Clan)

Requirements to Join THANATOS

  • War Day Wins: 50+
  • Trophies: 5,000+ PB
  • King Tower Level: 12+
  • Card Levels: 9% M | 25% L | 65% G | 95% S
  • Discord: Preferred
  • War Participation: Not Mandatory
  • War Deck Practice: Preferred – If you keep losing & aren’t practicing

Requirements to Stay in THANATOS

  • Donate 100+ cards per week
  • Be active and friendly
  • Have a good attitude and support everyone in the clan and in the clan/family

Thanatos is a new clan. We enjoy war, but we also love to challenge ourselves in ladder. We war Monday – Saturday and use Sunday as a day off. If you can’t participate, let us know via message on discord or hit up any leader in the clan. Communication is key. Discord is preferred but not mandatory, however alliance tournament details are only available on Discord, and our server gives you access to deck and strategy advice from all our family clans, so it’s beneficial for you to have.