Requirements to Join THESEUS

  • Town Hall Level: TH10+
  • Back to back wars, participation is optional but encouraged – manage your war banner
  • Can war without heroes at TH10 and under as long as you communicate with leadership; at TH11+ we require the Archer Queen and Grand Warden
  • Discord is required

THESEUS is a clan on the rise which prides itself in communication, team work and effort, on its quest to reach level 10 status. It’s members are always willing to help people progress and have fun while clashing, whether that be though attack suggestions, donations, war strategies, etc.

We always max Clan Games and require a minimum involvement of 500 points, though we recommend everyone to get to 4000 points for the bonus reward. We are currently in Gold I in CWL (30v30).

War participation is optional, but we recommend participating when you can to improve in attacking skill and communication – we are in fact very enthusiastic about Clan Wars. Manage your war banner and use at least 1 attack when in war (2 if required)!

Discord is our main way to communicate and we also run CWL Signups through it, which is why it is required that you are part of it.